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Comfortech 2013 education seminars are the BEST in the industry!

Check back here often for updates and additions.


Don't Touch that Dial! The Evolution of Thermostats.

Learn the areas for opportunity in controls within the world of 95% boilers, get an overview of internet thermostats and descriptions of systems available such as wifi and hard-wired.
Presented by Max Rohr


How to Reduce Steam heating Systems into a warm water comfort system and reduce energy consumption by as much as 50%...or more.

See how its possible to convert these beastly old systems over to newer, state of the art high efficiency technology.
Presented by Dave Yates


Basic Solar Thermal Course Design Concepts

Gain a greater understanding of the types of solar hot water systems, appropriate applications, and learn what to avoid.
Presented by Tom Lane


Utilizing Infrared Imaging Technology in the comfort business

Learn how to use state of the art infrared imagers to locate broken tubing, building envelope leaks and missing insulation – all of which are nearly impossible to find without this technology.
Presented by Mark Eatherton


Radiant Cooling for Skeptics

Robert will explain the design principles in using radiant cooling in high humidity regions. The core content is based on theory and practical applications revolving around the health, building and HVAC sciences including a detailed study of thermal comfort and indoor air quality, heat transfer, hydronic cooling and heating system. Also included will be a detailed study in fluid fundamentals and the hydraulics of hydronic’s, control valves and balancing, heat terminal units including fan coils, radiant cooling and heating and dedicated outdoor air systems.
Presented by: Robert Bean


Beyond the Mini-split: Three Contractors Create New Business Opportunities Using VRF and Inverter Technologies

Non-ducted mini-splits are excellent technology for use in the residential arena, but for larger, light commercial applications in the U.S., the relatively new kids on the block are variable refrigerant flow (VRF) systems. These "chiller replacements," offer many benefits in the light commercial sector. This panel discussion will include three contractors who currently use the technology and have seen a significant positive impact on their businesses. They will talk about why they moved toward VRF technology, how they did it, how to sell it, and what pitfalls to avoid. A must-see session for residential/light commercial HVAC contractors, service managers, and salespeople.
Presenters TBA


Book More Calls, Wow More Customers, & Make More Money

Brigham Dickinson of Power Selling Pros and contractor Buddy Smith, owner of Russell's Heating and Cooling will discuss the vital role customer service representatives play in you company's ability to book more calls and close more deals. From understanding customer expectations to setting goals, creating trust, and being professional, this session will help you add dollars to your bottom line immediately. Attendees will leave with a plan, replete with strategies to help their CSRs book more calls and wow more customers over the phone. Geared for owners/managers and CSRs of HVAC and plumbing contracting firms. 
Presented by Buddy Smith & Brigham Dickinson


Service Agreement Sales Success Panel

Would you like to save years of trial and error and learn how to build a solid service base of loyal customers? How would you like to enjoy steady high margin cashflow, peace of mind, and solid equity in your business? Join international speaker and author, Mark Matteson and four top HVAC/Plumbing companies in a lively, interactive panel discussion. Learn the secrets of building a large, profitable, and faithful service agreement base of customers.

This 75-minute interactive discussion will take questions from the audience and planned questions from Mark to bring out the critical success factors and common denominators of success in selling service agreements and earning double-digit net profits.
Presented by Mark Matteson


The Power of Strong Service Management Leadership

One of the strongest attributes of a great service manager is in his or her ability to communicate well and have a professional attitude and demeanor. Consultant Steve Coscia, one of the most popular speakers in Comfortech history, believes the power of success starts at the top and he will share tips and strategies to help service managers to be more successful. This session is geared toward service managers, contracting firm owners and managers.
Presented by Steve Coscia


The Value of a Good Loop Contractor to the Success of Your Geothermal Business

In a Comfortech first, Consultant Andy Fracica will co-present with HVAC Contractor John Furnace of Masters Heating and Air Conditioning AND Mike Kaufman of Kaufman Well Drilling on how to get into the geothermal business. Furnace will talk about why expanding into geothermal was so important and how it's helped him grow his business. Kaufman will talk about how to partner with loop installation contractor — what to look for in a partner and how to set the partnership up. Fracica will facilitate the conversation and help the audience understand how implementing geothermal services into their companies can be done without breaking the bank.
Presented by Andy Fracica, Mark Bulmahn, and Mike Kaufman


Creating a Successful Sales Culture in Your Contracting Business

Making culture changes in an established business is anything but easy. In this session, consultant Drew Cameron and Russ Horrocks of HVAC Sellutions, Pocopson, PA lead a discussion regarding a case study on how Woodfin Home Services of Mechanicsville, VA, did just that. He, along with Travis Riddle of Woodfin Home Services, and Mark Pippin, Pippin Brothers, Lawton, OK will define what the culture of success looks like, how to achieve it, and will define management's and the sales force's role to help create this culture. This class is designed with company owners and managers as well as field sales members in mind.
Presented by Drew Cameron, Russ Horrocks, and Travis Riddle


30 Mobile Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier

Are you using mobile phone apps to market your contracting services and/or to make managing your business easier? Are you confused by the plethora of apps that are out there?So you have your own app? Service Roundtable CEO Matt Michel will share with you what he feels are some of the best mobile apps out there that can make you business life easier. Whether it's an estimating tool or a credit card app, regardless of the mobile platform, he'll provide his insights as only Matt Michel can. This seminar is relevant to every contractor, managers, and field personnel.
Presented by Matt Michel


What contractors need to know about the Affordable Care Act

Jamie M. Hasty, vice president of the prominent contractor-focused consulting firm SESCO Management Consultants, will cover everything that HVAC, plumbing and hydronic heating contractors need to know about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. She’ll tell attendees what their rights and responsibilities are under the law, their options and choices, and the financial ramifications of those choices, plus she’ll dispel myths and correct misinformation. Geared for owners/managers of HVAC, hydronic heating and plumbing contracting firms.
Presented by Jamie Hasty


ObamaCare: It's Impact on Your Employees and Your Business

Melanie Gentry is the managing partner of Comprehensive Employment Solutions. She'll cover the changes that the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare)" will begin having on your company, beginning this October 1, 2013. She’ll discuss employee requirements and fees, including family requirements and coverage options should you decide not to provide health care benefits. In addition, Gentry will address how the IRS will want proof of coverage (reporting requirements tied to W-2 forms), as well as who is responsible for data collection. This session will highlight how the health care "exchanges (now known as marketplace)" work, what the differences are between state versus Federal-run exchanges, and what options are available at all levels of coverage. This is a MUST SEE session for company owners and managers, as well as employees.
Presented by Melanie Gentry


Are You Prepared? The 2015 Water Heater Efficiency Standards

Are you prepared for the sweeping changes that will affect the entire plumbing industry on April 16th, 2015? It may seem a long way away, but if you don’t start to prepare now, you may be in cold water. Known in the industry as the 2015 DOE (Department of Energy) Final Rule, these new energy efficiency mandates will require higher Energy Factor (EF) ratings on virtually all residential gas, electric, oil and tankless gas water heaters, completely altering the water heater landscape. Representatives from Bradford White Water Heaters and the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC) will combine their expertise to help you better understand these new requirements and how they will affect every facet of the water heater industry.
Presented by Chad Sanborn, Chuck White, and James McStravock


Build To Sell

Is your business just a job? A lifestyle choice? Or is it a real business that someone will want to buy from you, or that you can pass on to your heirs? Ken Goodrich created and grew wildly successful residential services businesses, then bought and sold many others. Now Ken is the President of Red Falcon Equity where he buys, grows, and sells residential service businesses. Learn how Ken did it, and what you need to build a business that you will be able to sell.
Presented by Ken Goodrich


Gen2Gen 101

Family owned-and-operated business have unique problems and opportunities. How do you structure a family business to take advantage of the opportunities and avoid the pitfalls? What can you do to prepare the seamless transition from one generation to the next? Vicki and John LaPlant, in addition to working together in their own business, have worked with many family owned businesses, have encountered the problems, and understand the issues. Don’t miss this if you’re working with family, bringing family into your business, or hope to pass your business on to heirs.
Presented by Vikki and John LaPlant


Service Spells Wealth

Ron Smith is the Godfather of Residential Service Contracting, so we’re gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse: Listen to Ron Smith and you’ll get great ideas to transform and grow your business.
Presented by Ron Smith


Mobile Tablet Computing: The Future and Opportunities

There are huge opportunities with Mobile Computing to reduce costs, improve service, and increase sales. But where do you start? What do you need? How much will it cost? Who should you contact? Why will it pay off? Where is it going? David Heimer, COO for Service Nation, will moderate a panel of leading software vendors and contractors who have successfully implemented mobile tablet computing. Why reinvent the wheel, and why make all the same mistakes yourself? Learn from others! If you’re considering mobile computing, you need to see this!
Presented by David Heimer, Eric Rausin and Russ Duker

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